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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Report:Haditha Was Engineered by Al-Qaeda

The report - apparently overlooked by a Washington press corps awash in leaked Bargewell documents and secret Naval Criminal Investigative Service reports - shows that Marine Corps intelligence operatives were advised of the scheme to demonize the Marines by an informant named Muhannad Hassan Hamadi. The informant was snared by 3/1 Marines on December 11 2005 and decided to cooperate.

The attack was carried out by multiple cells of local Wahabi extremists and well-paid local gunmen from Al Asa'ib al-Iraq [the Clans of the People of Iraq] that were led by Al Qaeda foreign fighters, the summary claims. Their case was bolstered by Marine signal intercepts revealing that the al Qaeda fighters planned to videotape the attacks and exploit the resulting carnage for propaganda purposes…

During the November Haditha battle, the insurgents secreted themselves among local civilians to guarantee pursuing Marines would catch innocent civilians in the ensuing crossfire. On January 6, 2006 six insurgents who tried to do the same thing at another location in Haditha were turned in to Coalition authorities before they could mount a similar assault, the report said.

The captured insurgents revealed the attack was planned in Albu Hyatt, a nearby town where numerous Marines have been killed and wounded since the beginning of the war. The two main elements of the attack were the IED-initiated ambush on Route Chestnut and two IED ambushes planned along the so-called River Road that parallels the Euphrates River about 1.5 kilometers north of the Chestnut location.

The prisoners claimed the multi-pronged assault on the Marines was intended to garner local support by discrediting the Marines among the civilian population. If the coordinated attack had gone off as planned all three IED ambushes would have been sprung on the patrolling Marines almost simultaneously, the prisoners said. The insurgents plan depended on the Marines aggressively responding to the assaults to create as much carnage as possible.

Bryan Preston at Hot Air has some interesting questions.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Al-Qaeda's Afghanistan Chief: Bin Laden Alive

Al-Qaeda's chief in Afghanistan urges Muslims around the world to come fight for the country's "independence" and insists that Osama bin Laden is alive and well, according to an audio clip released Wednesday by a US-based monitoring group.

"In every corner of the world, Muslims should be concerned about Afghan Muslims and help them," Mustafa Abu al-Yazid says in the audio message, according to SITE Intelligence Group, which monitors Islamist websites.

"Every Muslim who has the feeling of sacrifice in his heart should come forward and fight for the independence of Afghanistan," Yazid says in Arabic in the 28-minute audio, accompanied by a video showing him in a still image.

Yazid, in the speech titled "The Truth of Belief," also claims that insurgents are scoring victories in the battlefield despite the death of top Taliban military commander Mullah Dadullah in May.

Yazid calls on Muslims to support Dadullah's successor, Mullah Mansour.

He also says that bin Laden, the Al-Qaeda terror network's chief, supervises all activities and is alive and in good health.