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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Call to Action-Michael Yon Needs Our Help

Dear friends,

Our soldiers are turning defeat and disaster into victory and hope. But we could still fumble—if the American people don’t hear the truth now. There remain serious perils in Iraq and this is a time for action.

Please help me get out the truth about what our soldiers are accomplishing in Iraq by helping to get 'Moment of Truth in Iraq' stocked in bookstores, and especially in free libraries and military exchanges.

Here's how: Please print out a copy of the handout to the left and give it to your local bookstore manager, librarian, or military exchange. (Or all three if you can!)

Click Here to download the PDF "Moment of Truth in Iraq" Handout

The handout will provide everything they need to order Moment of Truth in Iraq. But what will really motivate retailers and librarians is you, the customer, a member of their community, requesting they do this.

To make this appeal at least 10 times more effective, give a copy of the flyer to a friend or family member and ask him or her to do the same. Two people asking the same library or store to stock a book is at least ten times more effective than one person asking.

If we pull this off we can get the message about what our soldiers are achieving to millions of people!

Thank you for your help,


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