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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Constitutional Lawyer: Electors Have Duty To Investigate Obama Birth

WorldNet Daily is reporting that according to constitutional attorney Herb Titus, who was also the Constitution Party's Vice-Presidential candidate in 1996, it is up the electors from the 50 states to make certain President-elect Barack Obama is a natural-born U.S. citizen before they cast votes for him in the Electoral College Dec. 15.

"If they do their duty, they would make sure that if they cast a vote for Mr. Obama, that Mr. Obama is a natural-born citizen," Herb Titus, the Constitution Party's running mate to Howard Phillips in 1996, told WND today.

"I think it should be resolved. The duty is in the Electoral College. Every Obama elector that is committed to casting a vote on the 15th of December, they have a constitutional duty to make certain whether Mr. Obama is a natural-born citizen," he said.

Titus holds a law degree cum laude from Harvard, is admitted to practice before the U.S. Supreme Court and a long list of federal court districts, and helped found a law school.

"They have not made the appointment of the president to depend on any pre-existing bodies of men, who might be tampered with beforehand to prostitute their votes; but they have referred it in the first instance to an immediate act of the people of America, to be exerted in the choice of persons for the temporary and sole purpose of making the appointment," Hamilton wrote. "And they have excluded from eligibility to this trust, all those who from situation might be suspected of too great devotion to the president in office. No senator, representative, or other person holding a place of trust or profit under the United States, can be of the numbers of the electors.

If the electors fail, Titus said, "I think it moots the point."

"I don't think there is anything in the Constitution [that would allow a challenge based on a candidate's constitutional qualifications.]

"It would politically undermine Obama's re-election … and there may be an impeachment if someone concluded he deliberately misled the people, and knew he was not a natural-born citizen," he said.

"If it's revealed it's only going to be [revealed because of] investigative journalism or by Obama himself," he said.

"It's only the Electoral College that has the duty and authority to determine is a person is qualified to be president," Titus said.

"We should act accordingly, get the names of all the electors, including McCain's electors, and urge them to do their duty," he said.

"Politically, [being ineligible] would be a very serious problem for [Obama,]" he said. "But there also would be people who would only shrug."

"It's up to the people. Essentially the Constitution is a covenant of the people with their government. If the people don't insist on their government officials abiding by the covenant, I don't know what you can do," he said.

The whole notion of a natural-born citizen is designed for the purpose of making sure that the chief executive would not have politically divided loyalties," he said.

Hang on to your hats ladies and gentlmen because there are all sorts of varying legal opinions out there on who is in charge of investigating this matter and making sure that Obama is certified to take office as I find them I will present them on the blog.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Where Were You Born Barry ? (Suits Still Pending)

The following is a list of citizenship cases that are still pending against Barack Obama, challenging his status as a natural born citizen, thereby making him ineligible to be POTUS:

This is a summary of what has happened legally regarding Obama's eligibility:

Electoral College Grass-roots Movement
Pennyslvania Case now in the Supreme Court ALIVE
New Jersey Case now in the Supreme Court ALIVE
Ohio Case DEAD
Hawaii Case DEAD
Washington Case DEAD
Virigina Case DEAD, alot of people believe this one was a fraud
Connecticut Case DEAD
California Case Joan Corbett ALIVE as far as I know
California Case Alan Keyes and AIP Electors ALIVE
California Case David Archbold did not transpire
Georgia Case ALIVE
North Carolina Case ALIVE
New York Case No case ever transpired
New York Case Christopher Strunk ALIVE
Texas Case ALIVE
Unconfirmed Cases
Patriot Brigade Case No case ever transpired