Friday, January 09, 2009

Now Here's A Real Guitar Hero !

Rock guitarist Chris Llewellyn is a real guitar hero who took down a passenger who pushed a stewardess to the ground, attempted to open the exit door of the plane in flight and claimed to have a bomb.

When Chris heard commotion on the Los Angeles bound Delta flight Wednesday and saw that the man had knocked down a stewardess and was struggling to open the plane's rear door, he intervened. While the man warned that he had a bomb, the 6-foot 26-year-old tackled him. With the help of several other passengers, Chris kept the assailant restrained until the plane landed and authorities boarded and arrested him on suspicion of making a false bomb threat.

Chris told the Los Angeles Times that he thought the attacker was going to open the door and he wanted to stop him.
"He was struggling hard-core," Chris told the daily newspaper. "I was holding down his arm. Somebody had a foot on his head. Everyone was holding down a different body part. He was going nuts. I was telling him to chill because he's not going any place."

Authorities did not find a bomb on the plane. Chris and those who helped him have been praised for their heroism by local and federal authorities.

Illinois House Impeaches Blagojevich

According to The Washington Post:

The Illinois House voted to impeach Governor Blagojevich, an unprecedented step in state history.

The action sets the stage for a Senate trial on whether he should removed from office for corruption and abuse of power.

The House voted 114 to 1 to impeach the governor a day after a special committee recommended impeachment following hearings on a variety of allegations, including federal corruption charges that led to his arrest last month. Among other alleged offenses, Blagojevich was accused in an FBI affidavit of conspiring to sell President-elect Barack Obama's U.S. Senate seat to the highest bidder.

The impeachment trial in the Illinois Senate is expected to begin in late January.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Last Minute Pro Israel Rally in NYC Overwhelming

So many people attended a last minute put together Pro Israel rally to counter a planned anti-Israel rally in New York City yesterday that they were turning people away. The rally was held across from the Israeli consulate between 42nd and 43rd.

The amount of supporters at the rally was so huge that the police could not contain the supporters and forced folks off 2nd Avenue.

Several of these rallies are being held in cities across the country to show support for Israel in its struggle against Hamas. The problem is you don't hear much Pro Israel news from the main stream news media because we all know who they support.

Speakers at these Pro Israel rallies make a point to state that this is not a war against the Palestinian people but against Hamas. It is suffice to say that you will not hear any Anti Israel supporters stating that this is not a war against Israel.

Hat Tip To: Atlas Shrugs

The rally was also caught on video