Friday, February 20, 2009

Monkey Business

by Jay Are

Recently the New York Post published a cartoon depicting two police officers dispatching a monkey. One of the police officers in the cartoon says "they'll have to find someone else to write the stimulus bill".

That's it, no reference to President Obama.

This almost immediately ignited a fire storm of criticism and protest from the left led by Reverend Al Sharpton who called the cartoon a jab at Obama.

Really ? Where is the reference to the President. I don't see it. Only the truly ignorant or those with an agenda, will see this as a jab at the President. First of all the President didn't author the Stimulus Bill. There was no physical reference to the President such as likeness or dressed in a suit or his name anywhere on the monkey.

Unfortunately this is what we can expect for the next four years. If anything even remotely looks like a jab at the President it will be labeled as a racist tinge of sorts and will be viciously attacked.

The New York Post has apologized for any misunderstanding that the cartoon may have caused. If anything maybe the Post could be chastised for poor taste or judgement in the timing of the cartoon. After all, a woman was seriously maimed by this chimpanzee in Connecticut and the police did have to kill it, but a racial slap at Obama, that's just ridiculous.

How many of us remember all the references to former President Bush as a monkey, with pictures of Monkey faces right next to his on dozens of occasions. Not one protest or complaint, even from President Bush himself. If anyone had a right to be angry it was him.

Expect the wining to continue folks, anytime someone disagrees with the "Chosen One", they will be labeled as a racist somehow, someway.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Gitmo Detainee: "I do pose a threat to the United States...I am a Muslim jihadist"

Zahri, a Yemeni captured in Afghanistan in 2001:

"I do pose a threat to the United States and its allies," he said, according to a transcript of the 2006 hearing. "I admit to you it's my honor to be an enemy of the United States. I am a Muslim jihadist, and I'm defending my family and my honor."

Zahri said he heard the call to jihad outside a mosque in Yemen in early 2001, and he decided to go to Afghanistan as a trainee to eventually fight Russian forces in Chechnya, according to military documents. Within a week, he met bin Laden at an al-Qaida guesthouse, one of 10 meetings that military officials allege he had with terrorist leaders.

"The detainee stated he attended a meeting prior to 11 September 2001 in which an upcoming operation was discussed," according to military documents.

Zahri went to the front lines in Afghanistan to fight the U.S.-backed Northern Alliance, where he was wounded, captured and eventually sent to Guantanamo.

And Obama wants to close down GITMO and bring these morons here...NO THANKS !