Friday, June 08, 2012

Walkin' Tall: Walker Inspires an Army

By Lloyd Marcus

A friend informed me that Gov. Scott Walker defeated the recall on the same day President Ronald Reagan passed away, June 5. She added that Walker reminds her of Reagan.
As chairman of The Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama, I have visited several cities in Wisconsin. In my chats with patriots across the state, they sang the praises of Gov. Walker's reforms and his remarkable courage. Despite intense and relentless pressure, Walker stayed true to championing conservative principles.

While we all knew that the Democrats' attack on the Wisconsin governor had national ramifications, the result of Walker's courage is more powerful than anyone could have imagined. My goodness, this man has inspired a nation. Wow!

Gov. Walker stepped up, drew his sword of honor, and defeated the multi-headed dragon of liberalism, just when our Tea Party movement desperately needed a hero. Since the beginning of the Democrats' absurd recall attack on Walker for simply keeping his campaign promises, Walker and his family have endured horrendous persecution and death threats. Even now, after Walker won the recall, the internet is littered with new threats on Walker's life. Liberals are tweeting that someone should kill Gov. Walker. Don't you just love the liberal anti-war, let's-be-tolerant-of-everything crowd? Disagree with them and they demand that you be silenced, destroyed or killed.

Countless patriots have shared their research, which confirms that our government is racing down various wrong roads, all leading to destruction. These patriots feel hopeless, unable to hit the brakes to turn America around. But Scott Walker has shown us that one brave, committed man can make a difference

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Democrats Now Think Obama Could Lose

Barack Obama faces a grim new reality: Republicans now believe Mitt Romney can win, and Democrats believe Obama can lose.

After last week’s anemic job-creation and economic-growth data, then Bill Clinton praises Romney’s business record as “sterling”; and veers from the Obama line on the extension of Bush-era tax cuts, it looks as though the wheels are starting to come off of Obama's campaign.

The recent failure to unseat Wisconsin’s Republican governor Scott Walker in a recall election is another bad sign for Democrats since it will rev up conservatives nationwide, including millionaires who gave big bucks to Walker’s effort.

Veteran Democratic strategists from previous presidential bids and on Capitol Hill are now wondering  if the Obama campaign is working with the right message. 

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