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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Employer Mandate Delay Masks Furture Obamacare Problems

As if the current problems with Obamacare were not enough,  the same conditions that are causing the cancellation of individual policies will eventually result in the cancellation of millions of employment-based policies as well.

Why is that ?  Remember the Employer mandate one year delay ?  Employer plans don’t have to be Obamacare compliant at this time. Once the year delay is over, as many as 20 million workers could lose their current employer sponsored plans according to Congressional Budget Office estimates.

Combine that with those losing individual plans now and more than 30 million Americans will not be able to keep their current insurance and it could be much worse.

In fact, that total could reach as high as 93 million !

Avik Roy of the Manhattan Institute points out, some 51 percent of the employer-based insurance market will lose grandfathered status and need to make changes to comply with Obamacare provisions. That could mean that, in total, as many as 93 million will lose their insurance. That’s not exactly “a few.”

Most employer plans fail to meet Obamacare compliance standards simply because they do not offer one or more specified benefits, such as maternity care or alcohol rehabilitation.

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