Saturday, July 22, 2017

WaPo/ABC Poll: Conservatives More Motivated to Vote in 2018

Democrats keep freaking out over the presidency of Donald Trump, Americans are getting pretty sick and tired of their hysteria. A new Washington Post poll conducted with ABC News attempted to measure voter enthusiasm as we go into the next cycle of elections. What they learned is that Trump supporters actually are more motivated after the past six months of leftist overreaction.

The poll shows that registered voters want Democrats to control Congress to be a check on Trump by a 52-38 percent margin, but it also shows Democrats are less enthusiastic about voting than Republicans are. While 65 percent of Republicans and GOP-leaning adults say they are “almost certain to vote,” just 57 percent of Democrats and Democratic-leaning adults say the same.

The poll is great news for Republicans. It seems that Democrats' fascist reaction to the President is not playing as well as they hoped.


Friday, July 21, 2017

Poll: 88 Percent of Trump Voters Would Vote For Him Again


According to a recent Reuters/Ipsos Poll conducted between July 11 and 12, 88 percent of Trump Voters said they would vote for him again if the election was held today.

That’s up from a similar Poll that was conducted in May that indicated that 82 percent would do so again.

Respondent Brian Barnes said, “I think he’s doing all he can even though the Republicans in the House and Senate are creating a lot of problems” by not passing a health care bill.

Elaine Kamarck, an expert in American electoral politics at the Brookings Institution, said when looking ahead to 2020, what matters is not how much Trump’s numbers go up and down, but where they fluctuate.

“If … disenchanted Trump voters are in California, it doesn’t matter,” Kamarck said. “If they live in Wisconsin or Michigan or Pennsylvania, it matters.”

Many Trump supporters believe they picked the best alternative, regardless of what comes out about Russia and the Trump campaign.

“I don’t know what all was done,” said Jack Artley, 43, of Pennsylvania. “No matter how it comes out, even if it comes out that there was some shady business going on there, I’d rather Trump in there than Clinton. So, whether he had to cheat or not to get in, I’m OK with that.”

“You really talk to people and, you know what drove a lot of people?” said Tom Carroll, a conservative activist from Bethlehem, Pa. “Believe it or not, they won’t leave Trump for anything. But it’s not because they love Trump, it’s because they love their families, they love their country, and they were fearful of what was gonna happen if Hillary Clinton got elected president.”

Some voters said Trump is being punished by the media for having defeated Clinton.

“The press has an agenda, and it isn’t the same agenda as his,” said Pennsylvanian Keith Jones. “Hillary was their darling, Obama was their darling. And you kick them in the shins there, and they get a little ornery. They’re ornery, and they’re trying to run Trump into the ground.”

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Notable Job Gains Since Trump Became President

New Navy Weapon Can Hit Targets at the Speed of Light

According to CNN the US Navy's newest weapon is capable of hitting targets at the speed of light and is developing second-generation weapons to hit missiles at the speed of light

The Laser Weapons System (or “LaWS”) can easily take down drone aircraft. Unlike other laser weapons, which are suitable only for certain types of targets, LaWS can be used against both air- and land-based targets.

LaWS is “more precise than a bullet,” says Captain Christopher Wells.

The laser operates within an invisible part of the electromagnetic spectrum and destroys targets by heating them to a temperature of thousands of degrees. The attack moves 50,000 times faster than the ICBM. It is silent and completely invisible.

“It really is a point and shoot,” says Lt. Cale Hughes, laser weapons system officer. “We see it, we focus on it, and we can negate that target.”

This new weapon significantly minimizes collateral damage and also reflects the military's efforts to develop more cost effective weapons.

The LaWS cost $40 million, but runs off its own generator and requires no ammunition. It costs about $1 per shot, which is extremely cost effective compared to other weapons - like the $1 million Tomahawk cruise missile. It takes three men to operate the laser.

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