Howard Stern praises Reagan, Nixon

Shock jock calls himself 'religious paranoid,' afraid to say God doesn't exist

Though he's hardly a fan of President Bush, shock jock Howard Stern has some words of praise for recent Republican presidents including Richard Nixon who resigned from office under the specter of looming impeachment by Congress in 1974.

"I like Gerald Ford, I like Ronald Reagan," Stern told Sean Hannity of Fox News' "Hannity & Colmes" program tonight in a prerecorded interview. "I think Richard Nixon was one of the best presidents that we ever had. I think he got caught up with a bunch of thugs who worked around him who really did him in."

Stern, who made the move this year to satellite radio from broadcast airwaves, drew similarities between the current commander in chief and the way the Nixon administration handled matters.

"I think in a way, Bush, too, sort of gets led around by [Vice President] Cheney and that whole gang of his ... and I think he really got sort of led into even the war in Iraq. I think if Bush had to do it all over again, I don't think he'd do the war in Iraq. I think he'd concentrate more still today on Afghanistan. We would have nailed Osama bin Laden by now because let's not forget, he is the guy who led the 9-11 attacks. We still haven't captured him. I think that Afghanistan would be more secured."

The subject of belief in God was also discussed, with Stern stating he was a "spiritual person."

"I'm afraid to say I don't [believe in God]. Because what the hell happens if I die and I meet my Maker? I'm a religious paranoid. I'm really just afraid. But I don't believe in any religion. I just can't get behind the whole organized-religion thing."

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