Iran Readies Missiles for Nuke Warheads

Iranian scientists appear to be stepping up the development of missiles capable of carrying atomic warheads, diplomats have told the British news agency Reuters.

An intelligence report obtained by Reuters Tuesday claims that a covert Iranian program run by people closely linked to Iran's military includes plans to ready the Shahab-3 missiles for a nuclear strike.

Code-named "Project 111," the report said the program's goal was "arming Shahab-3 missiles with nuclear warheads."

Citing an unnamed Iranian exile "who has reported accurately on Tehran's nuclear program in the past" Reuters said Iran had significantly increased production of Shahab-3 missiles.

Last week the Jerusalem Post reported that Israel had developed countermeasures that could neutralize an Iranian nuclear attack using Shahab-3 missiles.
"The Arrow knows how to intercept the Shahab missile," an unnamed Israeli Defense official told the paper, referring to Israel's Arrow 2 anti-ballistic missile system.

As recently as last year, the Arrow system was said to be incapable of intercepting the Shahab.

But the officer said that the Arrow has been improved, and it was now able to detect even a missile carrying a split warhead and armed with decoys meant to fool the anti-missile system.

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