U.S. Navy returns fire on suspected pirates

The U.S. Navy engaged suspected pirates earlier today in the Indian Ocean, killing one and wounding five, after the suspects brandished rocket-propelled grenade launchers and opened fire on a boarding party.

The USS Cape George, a guided-missile cruiser, and the USS Gonzalez, a guided-missile destroyer, were involved in coalition maritime security maneuvers with the Royal Netherlands Navy when the suspected vessel, a 30-foot fishing boat towing two skiffs, was spotted 25 nautical miles off the coast. Boarding teams from the Gonzalez were approaching the vessel to make a routine check when observers on both Navy ships spotted the suspects brandishing RPGs.

The pirates opened fire, which was returned from both U.S. ships, resulting in 1 death and a fire being ignited aboard the fishing vessel. Boarding teams took twelve suspects into custody, including 5 who were wounded, and confiscated a RPG launcher and automatic weapons. No U.S. Sailors were injured.

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