Brit MI6 confirms bin Laden nukes

Pakistani scientists reportedly advising al-Qaida on weaponization of uranium it has obtained

MI6, Britain's secret intelligence service, has identified six Pakistani scientists working in Iran's nuclear bomb program who have been "advising al-Qaida on how to weaponize fissionable materials it has now obtained."

MI6 and the International Atomic Energy Agency believe the scientists have played a major role in enabling Iran to be "well advanced in providing uranium enriched materials for nuclear bombs," said Alexander Cirilovic, a nuclear terrorism expert in Paris.

Both high-level MI6 and CIA sources have confirmed the scientists would only have been allowed to assist al-Qaida with the authority of Iran's unpredictable President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

The revelation comes at a time when Washington has increased pressure on Tehran to give up its nuclear weapons program.

The scientists worked for Dr. A.Q. Khan, the "father of the Islamic bomb," who is now under house arrest in Pakistan after confessing he had provided both Iran and North Korea with details of how to make their own nuclear bombs.

The MI6 report to other intelligence services followed bin Laden's recent threats to unleash a new wave of terror � with Britain and the United States his prime targets.

Recently, from his lair in north Pakistan, bin Laden boasted that "al-Qaida did not find it difficult to obtain the weapons grade material. We have contacts in Russia with other militant groups. Enough material to make a tactical nuke is available for �15 million."

Former CIA operative David Dastych, a G2B contributor from Poland and one of the agency's experts on nuclear terrorism, said: "The traffic in nuclear materials is ongoing and growing."

Bin Laden's material is hidden somewhere in the mountain fastness between Iran and Afghanistan.

Its proximity to Iran's own nuclear facilities has made it easy for the Pakistani scientists to assist al-Qaida.

Like Khan, all are strong al-Qaida supporters. One, Bashiruddin Mahmood, was briefly arrested in 2004 by the Pakistan intelligence service.

He said he had met the Taliban leader, Mullah Omar and a high-ranking al-Qaida operative.

In his statement Mahmood admitted: "They had asked me to devise a radiological bomb. It would be constructed from nuclear material wrapped in conventional high explosive which bin Laden had obtained from a nuclear storage site in Uzbekistan. I refused to do so."

Despite a CIA request to have him transferred to the United States for further questioning, Mahmood was set free. Shortly afterward he fled from Pakistan to Iran.

With him went five other senior scientists at the Khan laboratories. They were Muhammad Zubair, Saeed Akhhter, Murad Qasim, Imtaz Baig and Waheed Nasir.

"Depending on the quality of the fissionable material bin Laden has obtained, the combined scientific skills would be able to create considerably more than a "dirty bomb," said Cirilovic.

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cornelius said...

While no country can beat America, nuclear treachery can. It was Hussein�s advisor Tariq Aziz�s plan to kill 200,000 Americans in tapes released by ABC: �This is not done by a state (WMD attack); no need to accuse a state, an individual can do it. Even an American individual (terrorist) in a house, close, to the White House; I mean, they don�t have a logical argument.�

Aziz identifies the weakness of every democracy, the: �logical argument� � that can turn a lie into truth, or truth into lie. The ABC report is a smoking gun and proof of Iraq�s plotting. In a treacherous pre 9/11 plan, Tariq Aziz was detailing to Hussein that America would be unable to retaliate for mass murder unless sure of the shooter. Stateless terrorists are more dangerous a country because they could be anywhere; the shooter is invulnerable to retaliation. We cannot nuke everyone, and thus we will be unable to stop repeated attacks. 1945 Japan could not retaliate and was coerced into surrender by a 15kt atomic bomb. Today�s nuclear weapons are thirty times that size. It cannot be denied that massive destructive power makes nuclear weapons unnecessary to import; they need only be close.

With nuclear suicide the evidence and the fiend are destroyed, ground-zero uninhabitable for years. No need for missiles � small boats or 2-man subs can be hidden in waterways. Most of us live near the sea. A country interested in a blow to the West would likely form an unholy alliance with Islamic fascists to attempt nuclear coercion. At the first detonation, all nations will deny complicity. Submissive demands vis-�-vis Hiroshima will come by way of AlJazeera from a Jihad cabal: the Taliban, alQaida, Hezbollah or etc. How many detonations could we withstand?

The Founding Fathers urged militias rather than standing armies. For a standing army can be used to subdue the population. Understand we�d have no choice; just as Japan�s ferocious military was subdued by nuclear-coercion, should we be, our Joint Chief of Staffs will be controlled by mullahs. And they will use the most powerful military in history to enforce Islamic Law against infidels throughout the world. Think they haven�t thought of it? We need Jack Bauer!

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