Bush Approval Rating Jumps Six Points

President Bush's job approval rating has jumped six points in the wake of a media barrage of criticism over his administration's telephone records collection program.

A Harris Interactive poll published in The Wall Street Journal Online on Friday had Bush�s approval rating at an all time low - with just 29 percent of Americans saying they liked the way he was handling his job.

The Harris survey polled 1,003 adults on May 5-8 - before USA Today frontpaged their report on the National Security Agency's telephone records collection program.

A Gallup survey released Friday yielded a similar result, with just 31 percent giving Bush a positive job approval rating.

A Newsweek survey released on Sunday, however, found that the president's approval numbers had improved markedly, with 35 percent saying he was doing a good job.
Newsweek polled 1,007 adults on May 11 and 12 and asked specifically about the NSA's phone record collection program, which USA Today's first reported on Thursday, May 11.

An ABC/Washington Post poll taken in the immediate aftermath of the USA Today report found overwhelming support for the anti-terror program, with 63 percent of those surveyed saying they supported the records gathering operation. 44 percent said they "strongly" endorsed it, while just 35 percent were opposed to the operation.

65 percent of those surveyed told ABC/Post pollsters that it was more important to investigate potential terrorist threats "even if it intrudes on privacy."

The Newsweek survey, however, turned up a different results, with a slim majority of those surveyed - 53 percent - telling the magazine that the NSA�s surveillance program "goes too far in invading people�s privacy."

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