Dick Morris: Bush's 'Great Speech'

Arguably America�s most prominent American political consultant, Dick Morris tells NewsMax that President Bush�s key national address on immigration reform Monday night was "a great speech.�

"It included all the elements it had to,� said Morris, who noted the president is living through record low approval ratings.

But Morris conjectures Bush�s border plan may help lay the ground work for a comeback.

Morris is almost universally credited with piloting Bill Clinton�s stunning comeback re-election victory in 1996 after the Democrats lost Congress to the Republicans two years before.

The presidential plan to beef up the southern border fence in both real and virtual terms is both the "key to securing the border and securing the president's base,� Morris opined.

As to Bush�s vital guest worker proposal, Morris sees it as "the key to keeping the GOP competitive with Hispanic voters.�

And leaving open paths to citizenship for those already in the country, albeit illegally, will serve to make "Latinos a GOP stronghold,� Morris advised.

Morris has warned that the Republican risks losing its dominance in the near future if it doesn�t grab a larger share of Hispanic voters. Hispanics are rapidly growing in the U.S., especially in states like Florida, Texas, and other states once considered strongly GOP.

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