GIs Raid Kills 10 Kill in al-Qaida Hide-Out

Coalition forces killed 10 terrorists, three of
them wearing suicide vests, and wounded one at approximately 1:30 a.m.
today at a safe house located approximately 40 kilometers southwest of
Balad, Iraq, while searching for an al Qaeda terrorist leader.

Upon the troops' arrival, a terrorist sleeping while on guard outside
the safe house woke up and attempted to engage the assault troops with a
pistol. The terrorist was shot before he could fire his weapon. As the
wounded terrorist fell backward, he reached toward his chest and
detonated a suicide vest. None of the assault troops were harmed in the

Meanwhile, the troops killed nine other terrorists, seven who exited
the safe house during the fight and two who were killed inside. Two of
the nine terrorists were wearing suicide vests, but the troops killed
these bombers before either could detonate his vest.

The terrorists had grenades, rifles, a pistol, ammunition, explosives,
a machine gun and suicide vests in their possession. The troops found
$1,000 in U.S. currency on one terrorist. And after the suicide bomber
detonated his vest, they noticed hundreds of scattered pieces of charred
U.S. bills.

The safe house and all lethal material, including two remaining suicide
vests, grenades, weapons, explosives, and blasting caps were destroyed.
The injured terrorist was medically evacuated to Balad for further
medical care. No civilians were located in or nearby this safe house.

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