Iran Discovers New Uranium Deposits

Iran has discovered new deposits of uranium and was continuing its nuclear enrichment program despite international protests, a top Iranian nuclear official said Tuesday.

The deputy chief for nuclear research and technology, Mohammad Ghannadi, said Iran had found at least three new uranium deposits in central Iran and was working toward mining them.

"We have got good news: the discovery of new uranium mines in central Iran," Ghannadi told a conference Tuesday.

"One is in Khoshoomi region in central Iran. Studies have already been made and samples have already been taken there. The other two are in Charchooleh and Narigan in central Iran," Ghannadi said.

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anna jennifer said...

Ghannadi said Iran's enrichment of uranium was continuing, but he confirmed reports that a few of centrifuges at the enrichment facility in Natanz had crashed last month.

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