Iraqi, Coalition Forces Stop Terrorists, Disarm Car Bomb

WASHINGTON, May 18, 2006 - Separate incidents in Baghdad and Mosul led
to Iraqi and coalition forces killing or capturing several terrorists
operating in those areas. Coalition forces also disarmed a car bomb in

Iraqi police and Task Force Band of Brothers soldiers killed three
terrorists and wounded 10 others in two separate incidents yesterday in

In the first incident, soldiers from 172nd Stryker Brigade Combat Team
watched as a group of insurgents began burying an improvised explosive
device on a roadway southwest of the city. The troops carefully tracked
the movements of each insurgent before engaging them with small-arms
fire. The terrorists fled the area in waiting vehicles.

Iraqi soldiers from 1st Battalion, 2nd Brigade, 2nd Iraqi Army
Division, and coalition forces identified nine insurgents with gun shot wounds
from the engagement at a local hospital. All nine of the men were
treated by doctors at the hospital and then detained.

One civilian also was wounded and treated at a local civilian hospital.

In the second incident, terrorists attacked three civilians on a
highway outside Mosul shortly after noon. The terrorists chased the
civilians' vehicle in two separate cars, firing into it several times.

U.S. soldiers from the 172nd responded to the gunfire and killed all
three terrorists in one of the cars. Iraqi police pursued the remaining
car until it stopped and the four terrorists fled on foot. Iraqi police
captured one terrorist, who was wounded as he tried to escape.

The three civilians, all wounded, were taken to a nearby civilian
hospital for treatment.

In other news, an elite Iraqi police unit disrupted terrorist activity
in the region when it captured a local terrorist cell leader in a late
afternoon raid south of Baghdad May 16.

Members of the Hillah Special Weapons and Tactics unit conducted the
operation east of Iskandriyah, targeting Salih Hassan Latif al-Janabi,
also known as Abu Sabrin.

Al-Janabi, a local terrorist cell leader, oversees the operations of
several other terrorist cells. His cell is responsible for a
counterfeit-document and -money network as well as for conducting
improvised-explosive-device attacks in the area, U.S. officials said. He also has ties
to other known terrorist leaders.

No injuries or casualties were reported from this incident.

Elsewhere the same day, Task Force Band of Brothers soldiers discovered
and successfully disarmed a car bomb packed with munitions and
explosives in Mosul.

Mosul police officers and U.S. soldiers from the 172nd Stryker Brigade
Combat Team secured the area as an explosives disposal team assessed
the device. The explosives team safely removed 14 large artillery rounds,
a rocket-propelled-grenade warhead, a large gas can, and more than 100
pounds of bulk explosives from the vehicle.

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