Massachusetts 2008: McCain 44% Clinton 43%

Could John McCain (R) Beat Hillary Clinton (D) in Massachusetts? The latest Rasmussen Reports election poll in the Bay State shows McCain wresting 44% of the vote to 43% for Clinton. The numbers are identical for a hypothetical contest between McCain and Al Gore (D).

As a practical matter, this very blue state probably won't run red in the next presidential election. While a McCain-Clinton and McCain-Gore match-ups are a toss-up, the survey also found that when asked about a generic match between unnamed Republican and Democratic candidates, the Democrat wins 53%-22%.

Clinton leads another Republican, Rudy Giuliani, 50% to 42%. Gore leads the former Mayor of New York 50% to 41%.

It�s hard to think of a scarier scenario for Democrats than Massachusetts as a toss-up state on Election Night in 2008. In 2004, John Kerry won the state with 62% of the vote. Even George McGovern, buried under the Nixon landslide of 1972, managed to pick up the Bay State�s Electoral Votes.

The pattern of McCain and Giuliani outperforming the generic Republican when matched against Clinton and Gore is one we're seeing in state after state. In almost every state we've polled the 2008 race, Democrats do very well over Republicans when survey respondents are given a generic choice. Even in solid GOP-leaning states like Montana, the Generic Democrat polls very well. In Massachusetts, 53% prefer Generic Democrat, only 22% prefer Generic Republican.

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