Zarqawi had numbers of Iraqi officials in cell phone

Abu Musab al-Zarqawi had the phone numbers of senior Iraqi officials stored in his cell phone, according to an Iraqi legislator.

Waiel Abdul-Latif, a member of former Prime Minister Ayad Allawi's party, said Monday that authorities found the numbers after al-Zarqawi, leader of al Qaeda in Iraq, was killed in a U.S. air strike on June 7.

Abdul-Latif did not give names of the officials. But he said they included ministry employees and members of parliament.

He called for an investigation, saying Iraqis "cannot have one hand with the government and another with the terrorists."

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Ron Franscell said...

From blogger Ron Franscell at

So abu Musab al Zarqawi's cell phone contained the telephone numbers of high-ranking Iraq government officials. What was he calling them about ... bad trash pickup and late delivery of his newspaper?

So, our own government is monitoring OUR phone calls, but the top terrorist scumbag in Iraq apparently can call bureaucrats and politicians -- and maybe order pizza and beer -- without ever being noticed. Did anybody think to monitor phone calls in Iraq ... or might that have been too invasive?

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