Dynamite Found in Checked Airline Luggage

A stick of dynamite was found in a college student's checked luggage on a Continental Airlines flight from Argentina, authorities said, in one of six security incidents Friday affecting U.S. flights.

Federal authorities were investigating why the student, who got off the Continental plane in Houston before it continued to Newark, N.J., had the explosive, FBI spokeswoman Shauna Dunlap said. She said the student did not appear to be connected to terrorism.

Houston Fire Department Assistant Chief Omero Longoria said the man told authorities he works in mining and often handles explosives. Longoria said federal officials were investigating whether the explanation was true.

Huh? Explanation? They are calling "I work in mining and often handle explosives" an explanation? Oh, now we see, well don't worry about it, happens everyday. He's a long way from the mines and who carries Dynamite in their luggage? Hey, you never know when a good vein might appear.

The real question is how did it get past the baggage screeners and Who is he working for?

NewsMax has more on this incident and others that occurred today as well !

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