The Path to 9/11: A Must See Movie

ABC is going to air a mini-series called "The Path To 9/11" on September 10 @8 PM EST and Sepetmber 11 @ 8 PM EST.

According to ABC:

The miniseries will take viewers behind closed doors at the CIA, the FBI and the White House and into the world of Richard Clarke, Madeleine Albright, Condoleezza Rice, Dick Cheney, Sandy Berger and CIA Director George Tenet, among others. Viewers will follow the international manhunt for elusive bomber Ramzi Yousef (Nabile Elouahabi, Eastenders) and meet several key players in the 9/11 saga, including: John O'Neill, the career FBI agent who spent years zealously chasing bin Laden; then-ABC newsman John Miller (portrayed by Barclay Hope, Stargate SG-1), who interviewed bin Laden; Emad Salem and other key Muslim informants who aided the U.S.; and Ahmed Shah Massoud, commander of the Northern Alliance, a crucial American ally and the person bin Laden feared most.

But Insiders say:

"And from what I have been told, the film really zeros in on the shortcomings of the Clinton administration in doing anything about militant Islamofascism or terrorism during its administration. It cites failures of Bill Clinton and Madeleine Albright and Sandy Burglar. And apparently there were a bunch of Clintonoids in the audience who just went nuts during this screening, among them Richard Ben-Veniste, and Ben-Veniste confronted -- Michael Barone was there, too, who loved it. Richard Ben-Veniste was there and confronted my friend -- his first name is Cyrus, who produced this thing, and from what I'm told it got really vicious with Ben-Veniste being very aggressive and my friend held his ground, and it is suspected by people who were there that there will begin soon an all-out campaign to discredit this film before anybody sees it. I'm not surprised why Clintonoids would want to discredit this."

Rush Limbaugh

"One gripping scene shows Massoud's forces--and CIA agents surrounding bin Laden's encampments and then being called back when National Security Adviser Sandy Berger refuses to give a go-ahead for the operation. That scene, according to 9/11 commission Chairman Thomas Kean, an adviser to the film, is a conflation of a number of events; during the question period, commission member Richard Ben-Veniste, perhaps the most partisan member of the commission, said that it misrepresented what actually happened. But, as Kean pointed out, the Clinton administration did decline a number of opportunities to get bin Laden."

Michael Barone

Expect the Clinton Democrats, the leftist liberals,, and Michael Mooreon, etc., to be all over this movie crititquing it as propoganda for the republican party to boost it's declining poll numbers. That is how they will portary the film to attempt to discredit it.

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Michael Skendrovich said...

I am anxious to see this film and hope that ABC does NOT bow to political pressure. I may have voted for Clinton, but he DID NOT protect my country.

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