Mitt & Jeb GOP Ticket in 2008?

Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney has hired several of Jeb Bush�s top aides, leading to speculation that Romney may be courting the outgoing Florida governor for a possible Romney-Bush 2008 ticket for the White House.

After Bush�s former chief of staff and top political adviser, Sally Bradshaw, joined Romney�s Commonwealth political action committee earlier this month, Romney flew to Florida to join Bush for campaign events and fund-raisers - and to gauge Bush�s interest in being a running mate, sources told the Boston Herald.

Soon after, Bush�s chief finance director, Ann Woods Herberger, also joined Romney�s political action committee.

Bush has ruled out running for president himself. But agreeing to accept the vice presidential post would allow him to "run on the national ticket without having to run for the ticket,� since vice presidential candidates are chosen, not elected, political analyst David Mark, a former political reporter who covered Gov. Bush, told the Herald.

For religious conservatives who have concerns about Romney�s Mormon faith, Bush offers "the best of both worlds,� said Mark. "He�s a strong executive who�s also conservative.�

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