Conservatives Launch Anti-Hillary Site

A coalition of conservatives Monday launched a Web site aimed at derailing the presidential ambitions of Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., even though the former first lady has yet to formally announce her intention to run in 2008.

Calling itself "an organization of concerned citizens that is dedicated to spreading the truth about Hillary Clinton and her dangerous ideas," the group Stop Her Now has set its sights on minimizing her chances of winning the Democratic nomination.

"We're out to expose her as a confirmed left-wing radical and life-long liberal who long ago sold her soul to the divisive, radical and ultra-liberal special interest groups who see everyone as 'victims' and want to use your tax dollars and the power of the state to make things right," the group says on its website.

Stop Her Now warns supporters that Clinton "is already beginning a massive makeover campaign where she will try to make her look 'mainstream' while hiding her extreme left-leaning agenda of government-run health insurance, sky high taxes, and giving felons the right to vote."

The Web site will be a "clearinghouse" of anti-Hillary material, from news stories to editorials. Animators also are developing a once-weekly cartoon of "The Hillary Show," a fake talk show in which "Hillary Clinton" interviews other liberals.

Dick Collins, the longtime Republican activist behind Stop Her Now, told Cybercast News Service that the site is a new twist on negative advertising.

"When you're trying to run a negative campaign you can do it in a lot of different ways, through paid electronic media - TV or radio - and you can run negatives spots," he said. "We choose not to do that."

"We try to criticize Hillary Clinton's record and her character and what she stands for in a way that might be different from conventional negative advertising and we want to do it with humor."

Collins said the group's goal was "to deny Hillary Clinton election to the presidency."

He said the group would begin by reaching out to traditional conservatives and eventually hoped to reach out to independent voters and conservative Democrats.

Collins also sees his group as a potential target for Clinton to attack.

"She's got to win the Democratic primary - beating up on the vast right wing conspiracy probably is good for her," he said.

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