Election Losses Blamed on Conservatives

My good friend and colleague Jim Kouri wrote an interesting article on the recent elections, below are some excerpts.

Without indepth analysis or examination of what caused the loss of control in the House of Representatives and possibly the US Senate, a moderate Republican group is blaming GOP defeats on Conservatives.

�Tonight the American people made it clear that our party�s decision to ignore the middle of the American electorate was a disastrous one,� said Sarah Chamberlain Resnick, Executive Director of the Republican Main Street Partnership.

�For the last two years centrist GOPers have warned the leadership of our party of the consequences of pushing a legislative agenda cow-towing to the far right in our party. Our warnings were ignored, and now our party is paying a devastating price.�

�Republican candidates all across the country were hit by Democratic ads attacking the GOP for failure to raise the minimum wage, failure to advance embryonic stem cell research, and failure to pass strong ethics and lobbying reform,� continued Resnick.

But political analyst Mike Baker disagrees with Resnick�s assessment.
�Quite simply, she is wrong. The GOP lost seats in both houses of congress because it got more difficult for voters to see much difference in the two parties thanks to so-called moderates and liberals such as Lincoln Chafee and Olympia Snow.�

Using the same language as liberal-left Democrats to describe members of her own party, Resnick said;

�What the extreme right of our party has worked to destroy � centrist Republicans will now step in and rebuild.�

If the GOP allows the moderates and liberals to take total control of the party, look for more defeats of Republican candidates. A conservative revolution may be what�s needed to create the elusive �third party.�

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