Republicans Closing Gap As Election Nears�

What happened to the increasing generic ballot lead of the dems? We have seen numbers ranging from 11-15% for the Dems. But now comes a Washington Post/ABC News poll showing only a 6% lead for the dems! It was 14% in the last poll. That is a big turn for the Reps here in the last weekend of this election. The Dems may not be losing as much as pollsters are fixing their turnout models.

Some examples:

Bush job approval: 43%, up from 40 (Registered Voters)

Generic Likely Voter, Dem +6 (down from Dem +14)

Right Track/Wrong Track (RV): 39/59, up from 32/66

Who do you trust on Iraq (RV)? Dem 42, Rep 42, up from Dem 48, Rep 40

Party that best reflects your values (RV): Dems 48, Rep 44, up from Dems 53, Reps 37

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