Republicans say base energized by Kerry flub

Senior Republicans say they believe Democratic Sen. John Kerry's "stuck in Iraq" blunder at the beginning of the week could help them come Election Day, even though Kerry has apologized for his "poorly worded joke" and disappeared from public view.

"(Kerry) apologized a little too late and it has given us momentum," said former White House Chief of Staff Andy Card. "But this election is not going to be just about John Kerry, it's about what the Democrats would do to the country ... It's about a strong economy and about protecting America and we have a great economy in this country and that economy will be jeopardized if the taxes go up."


Anonymous said...

MAN I hope they are right!

Ruth Ann Dahl said...

Loved the podcast about John F'in Kerry!!! You are so right on And you all in Mass should start a campaign to either get him to resign or can you impeach a Senator The Patriot Post is running a petition to bring him up on treason charges I signed and will back that up with all I have.
God Bless keep up the great work
Ruth Ann

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