Troops use blogs to soldier on, sound off on election

American troops stationed abroad are sounding off this Veterans Day about the nation�s political upheaval while still pondering what can be done to win the peace in Iraq.

�Stand by for tax hikes. The prominent Dems have already stated that they will repeal Bush�s tax cuts, claiming that they only benefit the rich. I guess I must be rich. Who knew that the military paid so well?� writes an anonymous Marine gunnery sergeant stationed in Okinawa on his blog, Jarhead�s Firing Range.

Veterans Day falls just two days after Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld resigned, placing American troops under the leadership of an outgoing commander at a time of war. Troops, though, say his departure and the ensuing shake-up at the very highest levels of their command is having little effect on troops on the ground.

Spc. Wayne Thimas, a 32-year-old Hub soldier with the 1st Battalion, 17th Infantry, 172 Stryker Brigade Combat Team, said Rumsfeld�s departure means nothing to him.

�It�s kinda weird, but this is just another day for us. Nothing changes here. You hear explosions and gunshots, you feel the explosions, and you don�t even flinch - it�s just another day in Baghdad,� Thimas said.

Some military bloggers hope the voters have gotten their frustration with Iraq out of their systems.

�Bottom line? I see less whining and more calls for action,� writes Air Force Lt. John Oberle on his blog, Nettle in My Hand. �That is a good thing. What remains to be seen is if this election can be reversed in two years. In the meantime, we have to focus on the best way not to lose the War on Terror and prevent the country from a liberal backslide. This may be bitter medicine, but it could be effective in providing a trial by fire for the conservative movement in this great country.�

Or as the Okinawa Marine puts it:
�All I really have to say on this matter is this: �Enjoy your bliss American voters. You made your bed by voting in the dummycrats, now you get to sleep in it.� �

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