Al Qaeda, Not Democrats, Won On November 7th

Al Qaeda has sent a message to leaders of the Democratic party that credit
for the defeat of congressional Republicans belongs to the terrorists.

In a portion of the tape from al Qaeda No. 2 man, Ayman al Zawahri, made
available only today, Zawahri says he has two messages for American

"The first is that you aren't the ones who won the midterm elections, nor
are the Republicans the ones who lost. Rather, the Mujahideen � the Muslim
Ummah's vanguard in Afghanistan and Iraq � are the ones who won, and the
American forces and their Crusader allies are the ones who lost,"
said, according to a full transcript obtained by ABC News.

Zawahri calls on the Democrats to negotiate with him and Osama bin Laden,
not others in the Islamic world who Zawahri says cannot help.

"And if you don't refrain from the foolish American policy of backing
Israel, occupying the lands of Islam and stealing the treasures of the
Muslims, then await the same fate,"
he said.

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