Central Command Launches NEW Podcast on Website

U.S. Central Command (USCENTCOM)has launched a new podcast on their website. The weekly podcast will feature stories from around Central Command�s area of responsibility. The weekly episodes will provide visitors to the CENTCOM website a readymade means of accessing information about events in the Middle East, Southwest Asia and the Horn of Africa, as well as RSS feeds with up to the minute news. The Central Command podcast is available at www.centcom.mil to download as an MP3 audio file, or via subscription to the podcast RSS syndication feed.

CENTCOM�s unique access to the region will take you to the Iranian border in Iraq and hear from coalition members working with the Iraqi Border Patrol to the villages of Somalia to features about post-earthquake Pakistan.

The inception of this medium to the website accommodates a diverse audience and provides them with another method of acquiring news and information about Central Command and the units on the ground.

"We are really excited about the addition of podcasting to the CENTCOM web site. This brings a whole new dimension to our capabilities and allows our users to access information that is not available anywhere else" said Central Command Public Affairs Director Colonel Jerry Renne.

The content of the weekly podcasts include a look at coalition forces fighting the Global War on Terror within the region, an opportunity to hear from Central Command�s top leaders, interviews with troops on the front lines in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Horn of Africa and specials from the 27 countries within the command.

USCENTCOM is one of the five geographically defined unified commands within the Department of Defense. The command is responsible for planning and conducting United States military activity in a region consisting of 27 countries that make up the CENTCOM AOR.

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