Democrats Stretch '100 Hours' Agenda

Nancy Pelosi and the new Democratic majority in Congress and their dust-up over a "100 Hours� of reform may be just that � a lot of dust.

We hear from the Hill that among Pelosi�s first acts was to give the House off from work Monday, January 8, which should have been its first "back to business� day.

But that�s not all. House Speaker Pelosi�s office has plenty of more "off days� marked, including February 19-23, April 2-13, May 28-June 1, July 2-6 and August 6-31.

No doubt,implementation of the Democrats� "100 hours� agenda could take months � not hours.

Democrats vowed to immediately launch a 100-hour push to pass a wide range of legislation, including raising the minimum wage, implementing 9/11 Commission recommendations, cutting subsidies to the oil industry, promoting embryonic stem cell research and making college educations and prescription drugs more affordable.

It sounded like major action in days. But the "100 hours� refers only to the time that Congress is actually in session. And none of those hours are being chalked up on Monday. And Congress can easily be in session for a few hours any given day � meaning a 100 hours can last a long, long time.

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