Iraqis, U.S. regain control of Baghdad

Three precision raids on predominantly Sunni-controlled areas of Baghdad on Wednesday have allowed Iraqi and U.S. troops to regain control of the city.

Aimed at shutting down "illegal militia activity," Wednesday's raids lasted eight hours and ended with Iraqi and U.S. forces killing at least 30 insurgents and capturing another 35, CNN reported.

"The situation is calm now on Haifa street and Iraqi and U.S. forces are in control of the situation," said Maj. Gen. Ibrahim Shaker, a spokesman for the Iraqi Defense Ministry.

Officials close to the operation, entitled "Operation Tomahawk Strike 11," said the series of raids were not oriented toward targeting Sunnis in the area, but rather to regain control of key Baghdad neighborhoods.

The operations are indicative of what U.S. President George Bush has called for, with more than 20,000 U.S. troops dividing Baghdad into nine sectors, flushing them of insurgents and taking up residence to maintain security.

CNN reported that while no U.S. casualties from the raids were reported, one U.S. soldier was killed outside of Baghdad Wednesday, but it was unclear whether his death was related to the fighting.

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