New Iraq Report Makes Case for Victory

A new report on Iraq was released today that covers many subjects not touched on by the Iraq Study Group. Titled Citizens Report on Iraq: Attainable Victory vs. the Propaganda of Defeat, the report was conceived, researched and authored by independent citizens with experience in Iraq who are concerned that the American people and politicians are ill-informed about the situation in Iraq.

The 86-page report is available for download at the Free Republic website:

Citizens Report on Iraq

In the Citizens Report on Iraq, readers will learn that progress is being made in Iraq; there are large areas of Iraq that are safe and prospering; that the enemy is being killed and wounded in astounding proportion to American casualties; that the reporting on Iraq by the dominant media is universally despised as inaccurate and misleading by those fighting for Free Iraq -- Americans and Iraqis alike; that the so-called antiwar movement, including the organizers of this past weekend's protest in Washington, is led by terrorist supporting Marxists as part of a global alliance seeking America's defeat in the Global War on Terror and that a prominent White House correspondent has allied herself with one of these groups.

The report includes frank interviews with dozens of Operation Iraqi Freedom veterans, their families and several Gold Star parents. Those who think their support for President Bush and victory in Iraq has waned will be sorely disappointed.

The report also includes an overview of captured Saddam Hussein era Iraqi government documents that demonstrate Saddam's commitment to international terrorism and research in to Weapons of Mass Destruction, including nuclear weapons.

Contributors include a history professor, an American contractor who has spent the past three years in Iraq, an Iraqi living in Baghdad, and numerous soldiers who spoke frankly on condition of anonymity.

The information in the report was gathered from original research andinterviews, publicly available government reports, blog entries, news articles and transcripts.

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