Rescued Iraqi Surgeon: 'Thank You American Military'

"Thank you American military, thank you people, thank you very much."

Monday's CBS Evening News featured a recounting, by Lara Logan, of how over the weekend U.S. Army soldiers rescued an Iraqi surgeon and his family who were trapped for eight days on Baghdad's Haifa Street, suffering in dire conditions and in danger of getting killed in fighting between Sunni militias and the Iraqi army.

After the rescue, Dr. Quraish Fajir al-Kasir proclaimed on camera:

"These are days that I will
never forget in my life. Thank you American military, thank you people!"

The "Crazyhorse" troops of the 4th Squadron, 9th Cavalry of the U.S. Army conducted the mission after the U.S. Ambassador to Iraq saw CBS's Friday story on the plight of Dr. al-Kasir, a very prominent Iraqi doctor who once attended a meeting at the White House.

"It�s really good to see a family that we could save and make sure they didn't get hurt while we are out here," said Sgt. Nicholas Skelton of the Crazyhorse Troop.

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