Four Al-Qaeda Terrorists killed in Iraq

US troops have killed four militants linked to Al-Qaeda in a series of raids and detained dozens more.

In an operation targeting Al-Qaeda operatives in the former rebel bastion town of Fallujah in western Iraq, troops killed three militants, the US military said Saturday. Ten other suspects were detained.

In a raid at Tarmiyah, on the northern outskirts of Baghdad, another militant was killed while running towards troops while holding what appeared to be a grenade, it said.

"Coalition Forces told the man to get on the ground. The man complied at first and then got back up and charged toward coalition forces with what appeared to be a grenade," the statement said, adding that the troops killed him.

"Upon searching the man, coalition forces determined the man was charging at them with a rock in his hand instead of a grenade." (Didn't there mommy ever tell them never bring a rock to a gun fight, LOL, J.R.)

Eight others were detained in Tarmiyah, and 11 more suspects were detained in a number of other raids, the US military said.

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