Insurgents Air Out Dirty Laundry Against Al Qaeda in Iraq

Mishan al-Jabouri, the owner of al-Zawraa, or Muj TV, has issued a scathing statement against al-Qaeda in Iraq, and its political front, the Islamic State in Iraq, which is run by Abu Omar al-Baghdadi.

Al-Jabouri is aligned with the Islamic Army in Iraq, a Islamist insurgent group with close ties to al-Qaeda. Mr. Kazimi provides a translation of al-Jabouri's statement. Al-Jabouri provides a laundry list of complaints against al-Qaeda and its Islamic State.:

• Al-Qaeda in Iraq has divided the Iraqi people, failed to protect the Sunnis and brought the Shia death squads down on the Sunnis by inciting sectarian violence through mass suicide attacks. Al-Qaeda has "broken the back of national unity in Iraq and they resulted in bringing great suffering upon Iraqis" by targeting Shia and giving the Shia "the excuse for it to retaliate and go to the Sunni neighborhoods to kill 4 or 5 or 10 times the number that was killed of the Shi'as."

• The Islamic State of Iraq in Iraq wants the Sunni groups to "pledge allegiance" to leaders, ministers and emirs whose identities are unknown, including Abu Omar al-Baghdadi.

• Islamic State of Iraq has continued to conduct an extensive campaign of assassination against rival sheikhs, emirs and insurgent group leaders, and in many cases added insult to injury by failing to give the bodies back tot eh families. One of al-Jabouri's own messengers was executed.

• The Islamic State of Iraq has no system of law or justice. "Is this the State you want to establish? To kill people without an accusation, or investigation, without a judge or nothing."

• Weapons and ammunition are being confiscated from insurgent groups that do not support the Islamic State.

• Al-Qaeda in Iraq is intentionally targeting members of the Iraqi Army and police forces, who al-Jabouri and other insurgents believe are acting int eh best interest of Iraqis.

• The goal of the Islamic State of Iraq is to serve as a stepping stone to attack other nations, which endangers the Iraqi people. "We will not allow Iraq to turn into a dangerous place that threatens the countries of the region under any pretext, these Arabs that you have about you, let then go and fight in their own countries and not among us..."

• Because of al-Qaeda's actions the Sunni insurgents not aligned with the Islamic State are preparing to battle with al-Qaeda outside of Ramadi. "I warn you that in areas apart from Ramadi the situation is changing whereby all will cooperate to confront you."

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