Murtha Claims US Troops Living In Palaces

Speaking in an interview released on the anti-war website, PA Rep (D)John Murtha recently made this comment about our brave troops in Iraq:

"Let's take, for instance, Saddam Hussein's palace - that's where our troops are living," Murtha said.

"They have everything they need. They have electricity, as they should. They have warm water. They have all the things that you need and we provide for our troops, and I agree with that," he said.

But a recent email I received from Lt. Jason Nichols in Baghdad, who was listening to one of my recent shows where I blasted Columnist William Arkin for his piece in the Wahington Post basically inferring the same thing tells just why Murtha,Arkin and the gang think this:


I'm also enjoying listening to back-issues of your show while I do my
programming after work.

To return the favor in a small part, here's an insight on the Arkin
'obscene amenities' comments which might help you.

I'm in the IZ Embassy area, which has the best living conditions
by far of any area in Iraq. This is b/c the Dept Of State is based here,
and they pay for it all. But this is also where all the media is
brought/based, so for many this is all they see of living conditions.

Few spend the night outside the IZ to see the much more common, and much
more simple, conditions most guys have. So if they already have a bias, I imagine that provides fodder for them.

If you need any info from Baghdad, I'll be happy to help (unclass, of
Thanks again!

LT Jason Nichols
USN Information Professional
DSN: 239-9451

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