National Park Police Assure Vets They Will Protect The Memorial

Robin Owen (Person in charge of issuing event permits for the National Mall area) was contacted recently in regards to the anti-war protest that is scheduled to take place on March 17th at the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial, by Michael S. Golden,
President/CEO Veterans Construction Inc. and he was assured of the following:

1.) There will be a 300 yard perimeter comprised of double snow fence
barriers with an ample number mounted, foot police, riot reaction squad
nearby, and intelligence personal on scene, to ensure that the conditions of
the permit granted to the antiwar activists are not violated. E.G. the
assembly point is in an appointed area on the eastern end of the grounds
(Knoll) and they will not be allowed in the proximity of the wall. A Similar
exclusion zone applies area and approaches from Constitution Ave. So net
effect ... no protesters within 300 yd's.

2.) That ALL laws will be vigorously enforced and prosecuted in terms of
any violence, vandalism,or, threat to public safety. This was stated

3.) About an hour later, I received a phone call from Sgt, Booker of the
Park Police saying he had been asked by Robin Owen to reiterate the policy
and to reinforce her statements to me and answer any further questions I may
have on the Park Police law enforcement polices.

Sgt. Booker stated even MORE emphatically that the Park Police consider the
Wall as sacred ground, as we do, (As did Robin Owen) themselves, and that
they WILL enforce any, and all laws, relevant to it's integrity. And, any
concerns we may have stemming from the non-enforcement of the law by the
Capitol Police last weekend are not relevant to his Dept. They WILL arrest
and prosecuted anyone who breaks the law.

4.) The Wall will be open for visiting to the general public as usual ...
if any of you care to do so on that day.

Vietnam veterans are asking veterans, their families and friends, active
duty military personal, as well as the like-minded public, to join us in
emailing, calling, and writing, the National Park Service
(1-202 619-7225) and Vietnam Memorial Fund (202) 393-0090 Fax:
(202) 393-0029 asking them to take any and all legal action to prohibit the
planned anti-war demonstration on March 17, 2007 at,the Vietnam Veterans
Memorial. Further, to demand that the appropriate law enforcement agencies
stringently enforce the law as it pertains to defacement of public edifices,
monuments, and property.

We are very concerned, in light of recent events, there will be a
repetition of the vandalism that occurred at last weekend's antiwar protest
has a real potential to reoccur at the upcoming event, and that the police
again will be prevented from enforcing the law by their superiors. We will
not allow the Vietnam War Memorial be vandalized, spray painted, or in any
way be defaced, as was the U.S. Congress during last weekend's antiwar
protest when police were ordered to retreat in the face of leftist radicals
who defiled our nation's seat of government. If the police are similarly
prevented in doing their job as they were in the case of the U.S. Congress,
we veterans are more than willing and able to form a "human honor guard"
(peacefully) to prevent a similar sacrilege to the nation's property and to
what we consider hollowed ground, and our war's collective tombstone.

We do not object to public protest. Many of us have fought, bled, and died,
to provide (and protect) the citizenry the right to free assembly.

We do however, strongly object the use of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial as
a backdrop and stage for political gain. And, we take it as an affront to our
fallen comrade-in-arms and to their honor that the antiwar movement's
organizers and supporters would be so insensitive, inconsiderate, and
boorish, as to even consider it as suitable location for political theater.

It is scared ground and should be considered as such.

This is a very emotional issue to many veterans and the potential for
confrontation is very high. In the interest of the sensitivities of the
veterans and that of public safety and good order, we ask the you to use your
good offices and influence to convince antiwar movement's organizers to
reconsider their choice of assembly point, and relocate it to a less
emotionally charged area.

Semper Fi
Michael S. Golden
Veterans Construction Inc. (VCI)
318 Winona Street, Suite 204
Knoxville, TN. 37917
Office (865) 523 9144
Fax: (865) 523 9105

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