Retired General Tells It Like It Is

Recently, a friend of mine sent me an email of a letter he recieved from a friend of his, who just happens to be a retired Air Force General blasting the democrats and their defense stance.

It is a bit lengthy but well worth the read:

"Let's Be Specific"

Due to the thunderous applause that I received from the far-left over the "I Am Tired" letter written by one of our troops in Iraq, I thought it prudent to follow up with one last attempt to be very specific about what I have observed and actually personally encountered during my 36 years of service to this Great Country. Unlike Bob McClellan, I will not continue to whine, twist and degrade our country's leaders on a weekly basis.

Instead, this will be a one time input attempting to reach some of those who are
confused by McClellan and his ilk's unethical rantings and give some insight through my personal experience as a professional military officer over the years. These examples are but a few. In real life there were many more which space and time will not allow.

As a young fighter pilot, flying F-4s in Vietnam, I was stopped in my tracks by the decisions made by Lyndon Johnson and Robert McNamara. I was young and naive, but even then I knew their daily interference was wrong and would not allow us to win this thing and go home.

Decisions like not allowing us to strike enemy aircraft while still on the ground, keeping real targets off the target list, and allowing us to strike only rusted-out trucks made us basically a toothpick factory. However, the big one for me came the day I saw the President Lyndon Johnson on television, forcefully lying to the American people.

I'll never forget the language, "I want to assure the American people that the United States of America has never, and will never, bomb or use force inside the borders of Cambodia". On and on he disavowed the reports that this was happening. I was amazed. Guess where I had put several F-4 loads of 750 pound general purpose bombs every day for the past five days. You guessed it, Cambodia!!! So much for Mr. Johnson. The only question in my mind was simply, "Was it just Johnson or was it the methodology of a particular political party?" I decided to delay answering that question until more experience was gained.

Years passed, and I ignored politics as much as possible, as a good military man should. Then came Jimmy Carter. Our young people don't remember 18% interest rates and 18% inflation, but I'll bet someone in your family does. That is one really bad thing Carter did for our country, but it is not the worst.

During this period, I was an F-15 Squadron Commander, located at Langley AFB, VA. Jimmy Carter and his democratic party stopped spare parts procurement for almost every weapon system in our military, and diverted the funds to social programs. The F-15 was brand new at the time with leading edge technology designed to provide air superiority anywhere in the world on a moments notice. That was my job. I loved it, but guess what? In a two year period from 1979 to 1981, there was not one day when more that one-third of my assigned aircraft were flyable. It is amazing the lengths we went to in those days, cannibalizing parts, expending twice the time and energy to fix every little item, and still two-thirds of the birds were always broken because of no spare parts. Had this country faced a really serious military threat during that time frame, only Montana Hunters could have saved us. The military had some equipment, but it was all broken.

Do you want to know the really bad part for me and the young fighter pilots working for me? Our flying sortie rate was so low that pilot proficiency dropped to dangerous levels. The accident rate tripled. That obviously was totally unacceptable, as we were losing expensive airplanes and highly trained young pilots at a rate comparable to losses seen in actual combat. All of a sudden, even a Texas Aggie like me began to see a trend.

Forward a few years to 1986. I am an F-16 Wing Commander at MacDill AFB, Florida, and Ronald Regan is president. His change in attitude and policy toward the military had time to fix the spare parts problem. We were flying 26,000 flying sorties per year out of MacDill AFB, my aircraft fully mission capable rate (FMC) was above 90%, the aircraft accident rate was below 1.75 per hundred thousand flying hours, fighter pilots were flying and proficiency levels were at an all time high. The United States Air Force was ready to defend this Wonderful Country. Proof of the pudding is simple.

Look what the USAF, and the military in general, accomplished in Iraq during Desert Storm. And, they did it in less than 100 hours. Yeah, at this point I was starting to realize there was a difference in mentality between Democrats and Republicans, or should I say, the Right and the Left.

Then, came everyone's favorite---Bill Clinton. If there ever was an individual 180 degrees out of sync with the ideals and the values of the US military, it was Clinton. He was a known draft dodger, military hating, self absorbed, unspeakingly shameless and immoral individual, who the Left managed to elect President of the United States of America. Clinton's antics in the White House would have brought court martial, conviction, and Dishonorable Discharge had he been a military member. We still suffer oral sex on school buses, because the President told the world it wasn't real sex, and some of our children believed him. It took a lot of years, but now I became certain.

There is a big difference in the right and the left on all fronts, and for the first time I started feeling angry and shamed that the majority of the American people were actually willing to vote for such an individual.

Sometimes, an abstract such as the following tells the story in very simple terms: Jane Fonda, Tom Hayden, Lyndon Johnson, Robert McNamara, Ted Kennedy,
Howard Dean, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Michael Moore, Tim Robbins, Susan Sarandon, Nancy Pelosi, Barbra Boxer, John Kerry, Benedict Arnold, and the
list goes on.

America, wake up. Giving in to the likes of these people and Abraham Lincoln's prediction of destruction from within just may come true. There is not a country in the world that can be considered a conventional military threat to the United States today. However, this country faces anew kind of threat---one that will not go away. It is a threat even moreserious that WWII, because money, industry and technology will not defeat it.

It is a threat of defeat from within. It is a threat of a faltering economy because of a lack of resources, or the even the simple threat of such a loss brought on by terrorism. It is a threat created by the American people trusting the inept. It is a threat created by the people wanting change, and perilously believing that the left can successfully deliver that change. Have you seen anything from the left that remotely resembles an answer to the Iraq situation? Have you seen anything more than continued Bush-Bashing? Is that an answer? If there was ever a need for a strong, well trained military, it is now.

THE LEFT HAS HISTORICALLY DISMANTLED OUR MILITARY IN THE NAME OF REDISTRUBITION OF WEALTH FAVORING SOCIAL PROGRAMS. We just cannot afford to let that happen now. If we do, the entire country will be bowing to the east several times a day within the next 50 years, maybe sooner.

Now a final thought meant to upset as many as possible on the far-left. As you might guess, I don't believe in political correctness. So, let's look at the facts, not far-left rhetoric attempting to empower the democratic party.

Initially, I was not a George Bush fan. I am not even a Republican. I normally vote Republican, because of my total despise of Communism, Socialism and the far-left in this country. I am a Conservative. However, during his watch, I feel President Bush just happened to stumble upon the leading edge of the greatest threat this country has ever faced. Mistakes have been made, because of the newness of the threat. Overall, the President has done a superb job dealing the threat, and at the same time held off the constant ranting, raving, deceitful and malicious escapades of the far-left attempting to regain political power.

IF THERE WAS EVER A TIME THE COUNTRY NEEDS TO COME TOGETHER AND BACK OUR PRESIDENT, IT IS RIGHT NOW. WITHOUT CONCENSUS WE ARE EMPOWERING THE TERRORIST!!!! The far-left is totally absorbed with the power struggle and regaining control of congress. They could care less about defeating the threat. It literally disgusts me to hear the constant disagreement with everything the President tries to do, all in the name of trying to make him look bad to the voters. Unfortunately, by the time the American people really appreciate how bad the far-left really is, it may toolate.

What are the real facts? On the home front this country's economy is the strongest that it has been in my lifetime. Interest rates are as low as they were when I was in high school forty years ago. Inflation does not exist for all practical purposes. For you youngster's, please remember the Jimmy Carter comments? The Dow is approaching 13,000. Unemployment is nonexistent. Wages are at an all time high. Home ownership is at an all time high. Taxes have been lowered to an almost acceptable level. Because of the surging economy the deficient is under control and projected to go away far ahead of schedule. The far-left is rich beyond its wildest dreams, so Mr.President when are you going to "fix" all these domestic problems?

On the war front this country has not been touched since 2001. I remember being part of a seminar at the USAF War College in 1983 discussing the terrorist threat. There were some good minds at that table and a lot of disagreement. However, one common thought was that the US would be hit within the next five years. Answers to the terrorist threat were just as hard to come by then as they are now. Well, it took a little longer than the projection, but the attack occurred. For an old military guy like me, the main point here is that it has not happened again. We have suckered the bad guys into entering the fight somewhere other than in our country. To hell with political correctness. The President can't say this, but I sure can.

I smile every morning when I get up and realize that one of our great cities has not been blown away. And, there is zero doubt in my mind that if we pull out of Iraq prematurely, that will happen within a short period of time after our departure. I don't care what you might think of President Bush personally. He has done the best he can with what he has, and this country is not smoking because of it. So, back off McLean and McClellan. You honestly don't have a clue about what you are talking about. Call me, and I will tell you what I really think.

I realize there are different points of view on war, and I do not believe the meek will inherit the earth, at least not in the next few hundred years. To those like McClellan, McLean, poor Eve Kyes and Sinowa Cruz let me say, "This is a strong country!!!" It has survived the uneducated thinking of the far-left before, and I'll just bet it will again.

Regardless of who is President, the people will not tolerate mass explosions on a daily basis, as our good friends in Israel have been forced to do. To protect that position of power, even Hillary will be forced to become a true hawk. To guarantee a few more votes Ted Kennedy may be forced to begin supporting a strong military. One more attack on America might even wipe the giddy,'I-am-finally-somebody' grin from Nancy Pelosi's face, and make her realize that is not about votes and personal power. IT IS ABOUT PROTECTING THIS GREAT COUNTRY FROM ALL ENEMIES, BOTH FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC.

Jimmy L. Cash, Brig. Gen., USAF, Ret.


Katybr55 said...

Amen, Brother, I agree. When the enemy again attacks because we've ham-strung our Military the Left will scream, Why didn't you save us from this?

Katy Brezger Dowagiac, Michigan

Anonymous said...

Obviously, the former general hasn't looked at a credit card bill recently. Interest rates are at 18% or higher. (These are the rates when he was in high school? In what country?) If he is wrong on an easily researched fact, how does one believe the rest of what he said? Especially since it was the Nixon Administration that kept the bombings secret from Congress...and it was Kissinger who begged Congress to let the bombings continue when the Congress cut off funding for the raids.

John said...

John Cordova MBA RFC
Marine Corps 1964-1968
Vietnam 1965-1966 Tet 1968

I viewed the comments made by the general. I agree with his comments as factual. However this country has a problem. As a combatant who has held a Buddy in his arms as he died from wounds, and watched in numbness as dozens of marines were blown to bits and burned, and with absolute no care what so ever killed men women and children all in the name of war I can say for a fact that the general is wrong in his thoughts. A great general once said unless the citizens are completely behind a war as just and reasonable and willing to commit resources ( thier children, labor and money) there is no way it can be won. This was true in Vietnam it was true in Korea and it is true in Iraq. As long as the media dictates the the type of fighting that the Marine, Soldier fights it can never be won.
The U.S. Citizen must be thorougly committed to the outcome and do what must be done to win. MUST being the operative word. I have talked to many marines coming back from Iraq and they say much the same thing. Let us fight. To many rules. There is no rule in combat. If you have rules you die. The only rule is kill and eliminate the source that is trying to kill you in any way you can. There is no nice war. It has always been morally inept. That is why we have wars. To make a point.
The American Soldier said it best, America is not at war, the American Soldier is at war, America is in the Mall. It is that attitude that will prevail and cause untold emotional and psychological damage to anyone who fought this insane war.
There are only two questions we have to ask regarding the war. First: Why are we there? What are we doing there?
Why, it is obviously not for human rights. If that was the case we would be in somalia and solving that problem. We would be in North Korea, Most of Africa. NO its not that reason. Is it for the WMD threat. NO they didnt find enough of the Weapons unless they went across the border to Syria. If that is the Case then why arent we In Syria, Iran or Pakistan where they could have gone. Is it because we were struck by terrorists on 9/11? NO cause if that was the case we would be in ARABIA because it has been proven that the financial aid and terrorists came from ARABIA. So we preemptively struck a country without reason. If we had a reasonable reasonable we had no legal rights to strike that country. WE can go into the legality of our strike all day long and you will loose in an international court of law.
It boils down to economics. The ARABS want protection. We want OIL, not because we dont have enough, no we need the profits. You see a country sells us oil and takes the profits and finances our debt by investing in Treasuries and CDs. Trillions of dollars.
Finally if that is the reason, then lets get down to the nitty gritty. Let the troops fight. Quit using Strategic Bombs, and surgical strikes. Use the 2000 Pound bomb to make a point. It is amazes me when I watch the news. A fire fight is taking place against insurgents, standing around is dozens of Iraqi males in civilian clothes watching our troops and some Iraqi soldiers fighting. If we are fighting for thier rights why arent they fighting? Why havent the Iraqi men been conscripted into service to fight the bad guy? Ask that question again. Why haven't the Iraqi Men been conscripted into service to fight the bad guy? Because it is a civil war between factions that have been waring for thousands of years. We made a mistake. We need to make a statement. And you cant be nice when you make a statement that involves weapons and fighting.
We either let our troops fight or get out. and get out now.

The Hahn said...

I really don't know where to start...

Well, let's start where he brings up Robert McNamara - I suggest a similar comparison with former DoDSec Rumsfield (in fact, they are almost clones of each other IMHO).

The author says, "I was young and naive, but even then I knew their daily interference was wrong and would not allow us to win this thing and go home."... yet this is EXACTLY the same thing that Rumsfield and his NeoCon entourage did!

Don't take my word for it, check out all the various comments - from the troops themselves - at Soldier For The Truth...

Also read the articles posted by the highly credible Joe Galloway at -,,Galloway_Index,00.html - both VERY pro military sites... OR at his current publishers at: ...

In addition, Rumsfield did more to dismantle the American military in six years than Bill Clinton EVER did in eight years. (Try reading the book by pro military author "Fiasco" and look anew at the comparison between McNamara and Rumsfield - and how Rumsfield dismantled the American military with his vision of a "lean, mean - and vastly understrength - fighting machine"... and it was Rumsfield and cronies who made the decision that 120 - 140,0000 troops would be "more than enough" to occupy and pacify Iraq - and who fired or forced out any general who dared disagree with them (again, read "Fiasco" by Tom Ricks).

And as for this one, " ...the big one for me came the day I saw the President Lyndon Johnson on television, forcefully lying to the American people... " it would have been hysterical if it wasn't so sad and full of anger.... How many times has the American public been repeatedly lied to by the Bushes, and the Cheneys, and the Rumsfields, and the Wolfowitzes, and the Roves? WMDS? A big fat lie! Connections between Iraq and 9/11? A big fat lie! (In fact, bin Laden despised Saddam and frequently openly encouraged his overthrow! The terrorists ended up in Iraq in massive numbers not because of bin Laden, but because of GWB) Making Iraq into a democracy (what - when Iraq majority population will turn it quickly into a theocracy like Iran next door)? Another big fat lie. The "light at the end of the tunnel" (jeez, where did I hear that one before) that we have been told repeatedly ever since the "Mission Accomplished" speech? More big fat lies!

He blasts the Carter era - and I am no fan of Carter's - while conveniently leaving out the Walter Reed Scandal and the scandal of the stopping power of the rifles our troops carry (and how frequently they jam up in dusty environments) and how body armor tests were rigged and how armored Hummers get preference - due to political connections - over much more protective anti-mine vehicles like the Rhino (specifically how the USMC asked for 1200 Rhinos and get new armored - but much less protective - HumVees instead). Or the connection between members of the DoD and Boeing that led to a plan where surplus Boeing planes were going to be converted - at hundreds of millions of dollars to unneeded refeulers (Congress and Inspector General investigators caught that and people were removed from office and prosecuted). And speaking of Carter, he brings up " ...Our young people don't remember 18% interest rates and 18% inflation... " What did Carter specifically have to do with that? We backed Israel in the 1973 war and continued militarily supporting Israel (probably where the pare parts were going) and the Arabs / OPEC responded with an Oil Embargo against the West. Inflation and unemployment problems struck across most of the First World countries. First guy I have ever seen who blamed that event solely on Carter (but then that is how propagandists operate). And speaking of which, even though Ohio was a swing state for GWB in both elections, its state economy is in a mess, unemployment levels are terrible... and we have had almost ZERO assistance from the Federal government (Bush's way of saying "thanks" I would imagine).

Then he brings up Clinton: " ...Clinton. He was a known draft dodger, military hating, self absorbed, unspeakingly shameless and immoral individual, who the Left managed to elect President of the United States of America... " Let's see. Clinton actually was not a draft dodger. He eventually did enter the draft and received a number too high to get elected. Now did he enlist - No - or make it clear that he wanted to be drafted - No. But Bush, like Quayle, joins a Air NG unit that has zero chance of being deployed to VN (not only were NG and Reserve units for the most part exempt from deployment - with a few exceptions - but the plane Bush was qualified on was a high altitude interceptor that was simply unneeded in VN - plus then the interesting way that he avoided actively serving his last couple of years of his NG committment).

So let's call that one a tie.

But what is this about how "the Left" somehow "managed" to elect Clinton??? Actually, it was a MAJORITY of the American people who elected Clinton. Some Left, a great many Center, and likely even some Right. A would bet - without looking it up right now - that Clinton's winning percentage in both elections were higher than those of GWBs (especially considering the popular vote when in the 2000 election, Bush actually received LESS popular votes than his opponent... that sure is some "mandate"). And this comment? " ...We still suffer oral sex on school buses, because the President told the world it wasn't real sex, and some of our children believed him.... " What an absolute joke! That's right. No red-blooded American teenager ever thought of getting a blowjob on a school bus or in the locker room or in the closed music room, etc., etc. before the "Clinton Affair"! OMG, this would be hilarious - if it wasn't so sick.

And the comment " ...I started feeling angry and shamed that the majority of the American people were actually willing to vote for such an individual... " , well, yes, I believe he's tell the truth there. If he could just figure out a way for a Final Solution - or at least permanent Concentration Camps - for those Americans who don't think exactly like he does and fully support HIS views (maybe he should go back and read the Constitution again, especially the Bill of Rights part... the same one that I believe he swore to defend - especially against Assholes like himself?).

RE: " ...However, this country faces anew kind of threat---one that will not go away. It is a threat even more serious that WWII, because money, industry and technology will not defeat it. It is a threat of defeat from within. It is a threat of a faltering economy because of a lack of resources, or the even the simple threat of such a loss brought on by terrorism... " That brings up my favorite questions. If GWB and DC and the army of NeoCons is correct. If this is a very, very serious threat that we face, then why don't they treat it as such? Why do we keep hearing that we should "just go on with our lives like nothing has happened"? They say that to do otherwise will signal the terrorists that they are winning! Bullshit! What they really want us to do is simply to continue producing, consuming, and slowly giving up more and more of our Rights and our Liberties (in the name of "their" security, of course, until the day that they have all the control... "If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace; We ask not your counsels or your arms; Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you; May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen." -- Samuel Adams). If this scenario was really and truly this serious, the draft would have been re-instated, the economy would be put on a war footing, commercial autos and personal vehicles would be limited (gasp) while our factories pumped out Rhinos and Bradley and Strykers and Abrams - and rifles and ammo and field gear, etc., etc. We would put a million "boots on the ground" if necessary to fully occupy and pacify Iraq. Read Tom Rick's "Fiasco" and then tell me where we are at and what we are really doing...

His whole line of comments on the greatness of today's economy is not only pure BS, it shows how completely out of touch that Cash is with what is really going on in this country (see above comments specifically about Ohio... and you can substitute in there any of the Rustbelt states for those same comments). No unemployment? Again, check all the Rust Belt states! And Interest Rates? Last credit card offer I received had offer of an Interest Rate - after the initial six months come-on - of 12.9% Please don't tell me that's what the interest rates on credit cards were in 1967. Wages are at an all time high??? National figures that just came out showed that for the 1st time in 2006 that home ownership went down and that prices of houses declined and that the trend is continuing through 2007 (as experts now fear an upcoming crash of the real estate market!). Home ownership is at an all time high??? (See prior comment).

So what is this all really about?


It is just pure and simple propaganda. Coincidental when poll numbers show that a vast majority of the American people... not "The Left", but "We, The People" disagree with the job that GWB is doing, disagree with the way the War in Iraq is being managed and believe that we should be getting out of Iraq (a war we should have never gotten involved in to start with so we could have concentrated against the true War on International Terrorism).

No, it is NOT a coincidence. It is propaganda, pure and simple.

Hitler, Goering, Stalin, Lenin, and Mao would all be proud!

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