Surge Responsible for the Killing and Arrest of 304 Terrorists

During the first week of the implementation of Iraq's new security plan of Baghdad 304 terrorists were either killed or arrested and 642 families have returned to their homes, an official said on Wednesday.

Brigadier Qassim Atta, Spokesman of the Command of the operation, code-named "Law Enforcement", said during a news conference that 42 terrorists were killed and 254 including eight Arabs were arrested. He said that 84 suspects were also detained and five people were freed from their kidnappers.

According to the official, the operation helped 642 families who fled Baghdad to return to their homes.

Six security elements including an officer were killed and 32 injured during the operation, he said, noting that six police cars were damaged.

At least 275 pieces of weapons and 500 meters of explosive wires, 34 explosive devices as well as 13 booby trapped vehicles and more than 6,000 ammunitions were siezed, the spokesman said. (end) ahm.

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