Al-Mahdi militia leader arrested

US army asserted Saturday it arrested Al-Mahdi militia leader who is accused of killing three US soldiers in Iraq and that Iraqi military choppers participated in implementing the law for the first time.

The relevant US army statement said Multi-National Force troops arrested the militant leader during the incursion in Babel province, south of Baghdad.

The detained leader is implicated in six attacks using explosive devices since last November, killing three US soldiers and Iraqis working for the MNF.

The forces arrested five other suspects for questioning, the statement added.

Fallujah police is meanwhile reported to have arrested three members of Al-Qaeda organization, one of which is suspected of attacking the Saqlawiyah Police station.

The other suspects are implicated in recording insurgent attacks against MNF forces on video and selling them to an Iraqi television station.

Iraqi television said Iraqi military choppers participated for the first time in implementing law along with US troops.

Jordan recently sent the first dispatch of five choppers out of 16 to Iraq

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