Chlorine Gas Attack Injures 356 in Iraq Bombing

AP Reports That:

Multiple suicide bombings struck the Sunni insurgent stronghold of Anbar province, and about 350 Iraqi civilians and six U.S. troops were treated for exposure to chlorine gas, the military said Saturday. At least two policemen also were killed in the attacks.

The violence started Friday afternoon when a driver detonated the explosives in a pickup truck northeast of Ramadi, wounding one U.S. service member and one Iraqi civilian, the military said in a statement.

That was followed by a similar explosion involving a dump truck south of Fallujah in Amiriyah that killed two policemen and left as many as 100 residents showing signs of chlorine exposure, with symptoms ranging from minor skin and lung irritations to vomiting, the military said.

Another suicide bomber detonated a dump truck containing a 200-gallon chlorine tank rigged with explosives Friday evening, also south of Fallujah in the Albu Issa tribal region, the military said. U.S. forces responded to the attack and found about 250 local civilians, including seven children, suffering from symptoms related to chlorine exposure, according to the statement.

Suicide car bombers have used chlorine against Iraqis in Anbar a total of five times since Jan. 28, it said.


Anonymous said...

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J.R. said...

The anti-american zealots always hide behind anonymous.

It's funny that when Saddam Hussein was butchering people and torturing them we heard nothing from these zealots.

What did we hear from these zealots when Saddam Hussein gassed the Kurds and the Shiites, killing thousands of them, including woman and children ? NOTHING, SILENCE .

You people call the defense of our national interests meddling. Funny, I don't recall hearing from you people when Bill Clinton was meddling in other countries affairs.

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