Hillary Finishes 5th in Democrat Poll

Senator behind Kucinich in survey by Howard Dean's grassroots group

Accordint to WorldNet Daily:

While she's widely regarded as the front-runner, Sen. Hillary Clinton finished a distant fifth behind Dennis Kucinich in a "pulse poll" of Democratic presidential candidates by Howard Dean's grassroots political action committee.

While the online survey is unscientific, the group says it uses such polls as a gauge to assist in its possible endorsement of a candidate.

Clinton was favored by just 8.7 percent of contributors to the Democracy for America survey last week, noted Mark Finkelstein in the Media Research Council blog Newsbusters.

Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois was first at 28 percent and former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards came in second at 25 percent.

The results were as follows, in percentage points:

Barack Obama 28.1

John Edwards 24.6

Other 12.4

Dennis Kucinich 10.3

Hillary Clinton 8.7

Bill Richardson 7.6

Undecided 4.9

Joseph Biden 1.9

Christopher Dodd 0.5

Mike Gravel 0.3

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