Gathering of Eagles: 30,000 Strong - Way To Go !

What an outstanding day! The Eagles soared!

You should be very proud of your fellow veterans, families, and supporters.

30,000 of them !

That figure may be adjusted upward as more figure are tallied during the week. Fox News reported today that the anti-war protesters had significantly less than they expected. The truth is that the GoE outnumbered them by at least three to one!

Consider that ANSWER had a year to plan their well-publicized event and were hoping for around 100,000. They actually drew about 5,000-10,000, according to various news reports today. The Gathering of Eagles, on the other hand, had about six weeks to plan an unprecedented response and with no advertising, no publicity, no celebrity or political endorsement, no news coverage, and no big money, GoE had about 30,000 boots on the ground!

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Watch the video below:

And yes, that is our own Lloyd Marcus singing his song United We Stand, the Talk Show America Theme song at the gathering,...Thanks Much Lloyd.

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