Dems New Plan: Pretend There is "No War on Terror"

A recent piece by John Semmens in the AZCONSERVATIVE says it all about the Dems.

(The comments in parenthesis are mine...J.R.)

The House of Representatives Armed Services Committee Chairman, Ike Skelton (D-Mo.), announced that the phrase "global war on terror" will no longer be tolerated in his committee.

"Ever since President Bush introduced the phrase 'global war on terror' there's been nothing but trouble in the world," Skelton said. "The phrase magnifies the problem and terrorizes the population."

By banning the phrase Skelton said he hopes to
"restore the sense of calm and peace that prevailed during the first Clinton Administration." "When Bill Clinton was president there was no war on terror. People felt safe. We want them to feel safe again. The first step in restoring this sense of tranquility is to change the way we talk about the world. If we don't call it a war it won't seem as scary or important. Eventually, we can forget about it and return to a normal life."
(People actually elected these morons...J.R.)

House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) blasted the plan to ban the use of "global War on Terror" phrasing.
"The notion that making the American people feel secure by softening our semantics fulfills our responsibility to provide for their security is idiotic," Boehner complained. "The terrorists know they are at war with us. Pretending we aren't at war, as the Democrats would have us do, isn't going to persuade al-Qaeda to stop scheming to kill us."

Skelton brushed Boehner's criticisms aside as "the whines of a sore loser."

(Skelator still thinks he's on a kiddie playground calling kids names...J.R.)
"Voters are tired of the war," Skelton said. "It's time to 'change the channel' so to speak. That's what we were elected to do. It's what we intend to do."

(Yes Folks, the Dems Plan to save America: Pretend to be Ostriches and bury our heads in the sand...J.R.)

Polls seem to support the Democrats on this issue. A USA Today/Gallup poll found that a majority of voters want the war to end.
"It's had its run," said Willy Laufen, a poll respondent from Los Angeles. "It's time for something new."

(Such as, Willy ?...J.R.)
"The war is so boring," said Mona Lott, a respondent from Boston. "I missed an important segment of 'Lost' because Bush had to make another stupid speech about freedom and democracy. What about my freedom to watch what I want on TV?"

(Why don't you tell the Men and Women of the US Military that the war is boring...and did you ever hear of re-runs, Mona ?...J.R.)

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