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Forces Discover Weapons Caches in Afghanistan

Acting on reports from Afghan civilians, coalition forces and Afghan National Army discovered several weapons caches in Afghanistan's Nangarhar province April 3.

Three weapons caches, consisting of 30 82 mm recoilless rounds, were found hidden along a ridgeline near the Pakistani border, military officials report. The recoilless rounds, commonly used to create improvised explosive devices, were destroyed in place.

Over the past week, coalition forces in the province have discovered 60 82 mm recoilless rifle rounds, 28 85 mm rocket propelled grenade rounds, 17 rocket-propelled grenade boosters, six 107 mm rockets, three 75 mm RPG rounds and an RPG launcher in the Bati Kot, Shinwar, Achin and Khogyani districts.

"The weapons recovered will no longer be available for use by Taliban fighters and other militant forces," said Army Maj. Chris Belcher, Combined Joint Task Force 82 spokesman. "Afghans are taking responsibility for their safety and security by reporting the locations of weapons caches."

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