Freed British Hostages Were Taunted by Captors

THE 15 Navy hostages held by Iran were made to grovel before being given their freedom last night.

Conniving President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad bragged to the world that he ordered their release as an Easter gift to the British people.

Then he insisted on taunting the group one by one in a sickening line up at his palace in Tehran, for which they were kitted out in brand new suits with no ties.

With a creepy smile, the president asked captive Leading Seaman Chris Coe, 31: "Have you enjoyed your mandatory vacation?"

Speaking to the president through a translator, each of the Brits was ushered up to him by flunkies and encouraged to flatter him.

Gathered together in a line, the Brits were then all asked to wave and smile at a bank of cameras.

But three Royal Marine Air, 25, and Marine colleagues Mark Banks, 24 and Danny Masterton, 26 refused, keeping their hands defiantly in their pockets.

Brave hostage Lieutenant Felix Carman, 26, later refused to admit British ships were in Iranian waters when captured. He was being quizzed on local TV for a propaganda piece late last night and was asked if he had a message for the Iranian people. He said: "I can understand why you were insulted by our APPARENT intrusion into your waters."

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