Iran Could Have Nuke by 2009

According to NewsMax:

A new report reveals that Iran may be closer to a nuclear weapon than we previously believed stating that Iran could produce it's first nuke in three years.
A new intelligence report reveals that Iran may be closer to producing a nuclear weapon than previously thought, and could have enough bomb-grade material for a single bomb in less than three years, CBS News disclosed.

Officially, U.S. intelligence authorities say Iran faces technical difficulties and will not be able to become a nuclear power until 2015.

But weapons expert David Albright, president of the Institute for Science and International Security, said the U.S. is not giving Iranian scientists enough credit.

"I think Iran can get enough highly enriched uranium for a nuclear weapon sooner than that," he told CBS. "I think the 2015 number reflects too much skepticism about Iran's technical capabilities, and they are making progress."

Earlier this month ABC News disclosed that Iran had more than tripled its ability to produce enriched uranium in recent months, "meaning Iran is expanding its enrichment program at a pace much faster than U.S. intelligence experts had predicted."

Albright - a former United Nations nuclear inspector - was quoted at the time as saying: "If they continue at this pace ... then you're looking at them potentially having enough enriched uranium for a nuclear weapon in 2009."

Pentagon officials say the new intelligence report shortens the time period during which Israel could launch a preemptive strike on Iran's nuclear facilities, according to CBS News.

"The Israelis have long believed that Iran is closer than U.S. intelligence believes it is," said former CIA officer Bruce Riedel.

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