Iraqi Security Forces Kill One, Capture 217 Terrorists

According to the Kuwait News Agency(KUNA):

Iraqi Security forces killed one terrorist and captured 217 suspects recently.

In the last 24 hours, Iraqi security forces killed one "terrorist" and arrested 217 suspects, said "law enforcement" operations command in Baghdad in a statement Thursday.

The "terrorist" was killed in Al-Mahmoudia area, while 108 "terrorists" and 109 suspects were arrested throughout scattered areas of the capital Baghdad, the statement said.

It added that forces also managed to dismantle three bobby-trapped cars in Sadr city, Markaz Al-Resafa and New Baghdad, in addition to defusing 85 explosive devices.

217 Terror suspects arrested, a terrorist killed, three car bombs and 85 explosive devices defused and this story does not see the light of day here in the United States.

As usual our main stream news media was right on top of the story, making sure it DIDN'T get any major billing.

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