Analysis of the VA Tech Shooting

Talk Show America 4/17/2007

J.R., a 27 year veteran Police Sergeant, analysis of the VA Tech shooting, and the aftermath. He believes this was a planned event by the shooter based on information from eyewitnesses. There are also questions about why the Campus was not locked down while searching for an active shooter.

"Chains to lock doors keeping police out and victims in, two handguns and a multipule magazine carrier vest loaded with ammunition ...these are not the actions of a random shooter, or someone who kills in the heat of blood or passion"....J.R.

(This analysis is based on the information at hand at this time, it in no way reflects any criticism toward the Campus Police or any other law enforcement agency involved in this investigation. )

Thanks for Listening -- J.R.

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Anonymous said...

What caused the shootings? Possibly the Same thing that caused the shootings at Columbine or numerous other places. For instance Rejection, Bullying, constant humiliation or degradation, or all of the above ...I'm not saying that it was justified or anyones fault ... but whoever delt the straw that broke that camels back (if he or she is not dead) may have avoided dying or the killings by treating the guy better than they did. "Not that any one person was directly responsible of course not." It was probably a heavy combination of things mentioned earlier, in this case even that may not have made much difference, but if you beat a dog long enough eventually it will get mean and bite you. This guy reached or was pushed to his breaking point (as well as those at Columbine) and had a reason had a target and whoever got in the way he did not care... kill 2 or kill 30 you will die anyway. It is a lesson and a message to us all to treat each other better with more respect, equality and understanding than we do, all of our our moralities and values are slipping and this is an example of what happens when it does. Don't be a reason or a target, care more about and watch out for each other. My heart and sympathys goes out to all, I hope I have not upset anyone. we all fall short of glory including myself sometimes. Thanx: HamboneInc

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