Fight Back Against Pelosi & Reid!

On Thursday, May 17th at 10:30 AM Pacific Time, we will be conducting "Surrender is Not an Option" protest rallies outside of Speaker Pelosi's San Francisco office ( 450 Golden Gate Ave. 14th Floor - San Francisco) and Senator Reid’s Las Vegas office (CLICK HERE for LOCATION).

We're sick and tired of watching Congressional leaders like Pelosi and Reid deliberately undermining support for the missions of our troops serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom & Operation Enduring Freedom. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

We are asking all of our members and supporters and the general public to show up for these mass rallies. Please bring a "white flag" as a symbol to show our disgust with the "Surrender" policies being advocated by Congress against our troops.

If you cannot make it to San Francisco or Las Vegas on May 17th for these giant rallies, then please send a protest "surrender" feather and post card package to the offices of Pelosi & Reid. CLICK HERE to SEND "NO SURRENDER" PACKAGE.

We're proud to support Michelle Malkin and many other bloggers in the "White Feather" campaign - MORE INFO HERE.

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